Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just horrible . . .

I just remembered something funny we did the first Christmas we had Dustin. It was a particularly difficult time with Dustin and I was 5 months pregnant and horribly sick with all-day sickness. We have always said that if you don't laugh you'll cry with Dustin's behavior.

One particularly difficult trip to the store we convinced Dustin that saying Bah-Humbug meant Merry Christmas. He walked around for days saying, no actually shouting, Bah-Humbug to anyone and everyone he saw. It was hysterical. I think I nearly pee-d myself a couple times.

We are horrible parents, funny, but horrible!

Bwahahahaha! I so needed that laugh tonight.

1 comment:

Jo said...

You are bad! But so am I. I am busily teaching the Pea how to scream "Stella!" complete with hand gestures, it is hilarious.