Sunday, November 09, 2008

Though my world my fall, I'll never let you go . . .

To distance myself from the complaining of the previous post, I will post my favorite worship song ever. It isn't new. It isn't fancy. It has been my favorite for years. Today I visited the same church I visited last week. I was once again impressed. This time I took Harrison and McCartney and next week we are considering taking Dustin so Robert can join me. I suppose it will depend on his week since he will have to sit in church with us. A bonus is, the church is not as long as my previous one. Instead of sitting in church for 2 1/2 hours or more, it is simply an hour and a half. Anyhoo, last week I felt that God gave me a few good signs that this was where I was to be. This week the message was great and at the end, we sang my favorite song. . .

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F6's Editor said...


He is a wonderful lover and friend!

If it wasnt for my personal relationship with him I wouldnt have survived half the stuff I have been through. He is my strength and peace my stronghold and sure found ....*hits replay on video*..... hope in the midst of every despair and denial of this world.

Thank you for sharing your pain and praise. My prayers are with you and the family as always.

Blessings and Peace,