Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am a dork . . .

Robert and I just got done eating chinese. We had yummy mongolian beef and and crab rangoon. And my favorite part was last. The fortune cookie. I was eating the cookie and checking my facebook account and I asked myself, "What is that in my mouth?"

One question, is the fotune valid if you eat it?

I am a dork.


Anonymous said...

Did you seriously eat it or just chomp on it a bit? I think there is a difference that will account for whether or not it is valid. :)

Once M was in the hospital and we brought her chinese. She was kinda out of it and tried to eat the paper. What was your excuse?

Just kidding.

Sheri said...

I seriously ate it. I pull part out of my mouth and then thought, well i could spit it all out or I could swallow. I swallowed. A little extra fiber.

I've had a rough day! LOL

Jo said...

I think it is more valid since it is now a part of you.

Anonymous said...

I am a dork.

Not at all. That slip of paper is just the 'harbinger of fortune' -- sort of like a your phone bill. The amount owed exists regardless of the bill.