Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why o Why . . .

Patty asked me to share my conviction for Barack Obama today. While I may be cemented in my choice , I a not so eloquent when it comes to explaining it. But for Patty, I’ll give it a whirl. I posted this in her comments and decided to share it with you all.

When I heard Barack Obama speak at the 2004 DNC I was awestruck. I heard a man who believed in hope. I heard a man who believed that America could restore it’s place in the world and in our hearts. I heard about peace, and acceptance, and HOPE. I wanted to believe that this man could change our perceptions and put America back on track.

As I researched this man, I found that he came from humble beginnings. He embodied the American dream. He believed that all our young people should have the same opportunities that he had fought so hard for. He believed that we could succeed and that it was our government’s duty to help that happen.

Throughout the primary I was struck by the family. By the way Michelle swore the girls would not be paraded around just for votes. That they would continue in school and have a “normal” a life as possible. When the family came to Fort Wayne in May and I had the opportunity to meet them I saw first hand their love for one another, the respect and the familial bond. You couldn’t stand that close to them and not feel the genuine love. You could see it the night Michelle spoke at the DNC and the girls saw their daddy on the big screen, and you could see the pride and respect Michelle has for Barack last night when he was speaking right on her face. It amazes me.

I struggle with the abortion issue. I believe abortion is wrong. . . for me. I believe woman should make better choices and explore other options. I believe my God condemns abortion ( the act, not the woman). The problem is I cannot mandate MY religious beliefs. I cannot tell a woman that MY God says no. I know that this is a sore spot for believers, but I believe that Barack’s position on the issue most closely mirrors my own, for that I am grateful. I suppose if I am wrong, that is between me and my God.

I am also certain that he will surround himself with men and women who can make his beliefs in America and his dreams for America a reality. Republicans, like Hagel or Lugar, Democrats or Independents could be a key part of his administration. He isn’t a man who would shun more intelligent, informed and capable people just because of party affiliation. That will strengthen our government and truly make it for the people and of the people.

He inspires me. He makes me want to do more for my fellow man. He makes me believe that we CAN make America better. And for that I am grateful!

Check out Matthew25. They are a Christian PAC that supports Obama and speaks for MY heart. The page that is entitled, Put Away Falsehood is AWESOME.

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Tammy and Parker said...


Well, I can't say I am with you on your Presidential choice....I'm still researching. Tons.

But I can say thank you for your thoughts in your interview over at www.5minutesforspecialneeds.

Such an excellent interview. Thank you.