Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How to have a bad day . . . or 2 . . .

Get up 45 minutes late

Get held up in traffic

Realize you lost only bus key that daycare has

Start out for a field trip (late) and realize you have no gas

Drop gas cap under bus while gassing buses - crawl under to get it for fear you will run over it

Take kids to pool thinking storm will hold off

Get caught in a tornado warning with 17 kids who do not belong to you

Walk into a apostolic church (that has women wear skirts past their knees, do not cut their hair and do not wear make-up) in bathing suits to wait out tornado

Go home and bicker with husband becuase you had a bad day

Realize at 11:00 pm you did not take you son to get bloodwork, thus you have not one pill to give him that is the only thing that makes him sleep

Go register at the local ER for outpatient blooddraw . . . wait 1 hour for a phlebotomist

Go to pharmacy since hospital says it will have results in 15 minutes to pharmacy

Wait at pharmacy for 1 hour for results that were supposed to take 15 minutes because someone at the lab dropped the ball . . . feed child pringles and grape soda to keep him quiet

Realize you left your phone charger at work, ran out of juice and can't even charge it to call and bitch at husband because you are tired, cranky and BORED

Get paged at the pharmacy while going to the bathroom because you 13 year old thought you left him . . . at the pharmacy . . . at 1:45 am. . . when you told him you had to pee

Get home at 2:15, bicker with husband some more because you are a wretched mess after having a bad day and you choose to take it out on him

Wake up thinking a new day has dawned that will be brighter and better . . . roll over and realize you overslept and have to be at physical therapy with daughter in 10 minutes . . .

Take son with you to physical therapy and entertain him the whole time in a sweaty, humid therapy pool area so not to disturb therapy sessions . . .

Get to work . . . get hollered at by a stressed boss (who is also your mother) . . . which is probably karma for taking your stress out on your husband last night

Get a call from the husband telling you that your sons returning boils are MRSA and you have to have cream squirted up your nose and your children's nose for 3 days . . . Mmmmmm fun . . and clean and sanitize your whole home

Now, you have to leave to go get a physical for work from the same doctor at an occupational clinic that called you obese the last time



Anonymous said...

That sucks! I am glad tey were able to do an emergency blood draw but what torture to be at the hospital so late. Ugh.

What is MRSA? I am guessing it is contagious? Will you not be able to come over Saturday? Does it hurt?

Sheri said...

MRSA is drug resistant staph infection. And yes, it hurts, the boils are painful he says.

It is pread with skin to skin contact with open wounds, his boils are under clothing, so it's unlikely. If he were to give it to Maizie or anyone else it would've happened on Friday already. The doc says after 2 doses we are all good. He said not to limit contact, I just have to help stop the spread at home.

debbie said...

sherri, bless your heart. what
a horrible day

Claudia said...

I LOVE it when someone has a worse day than me.

It's always great to hear that.

is that mean????

Sheri said...

Nah Claudia!

Makes me feel better when your day stinks too! LOL

Sheri said...

Thanks Debbie!

FAScinated said...

Sheri, This sounds absolutely awful. Glad you survived it and I hope the rest of the week gets much better! ~Kari

Jo said...

What is the deal with this sucky week??? My biggest fear, MRSA, Little Man is colonized for staph and it scares the crap out of me.

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

I'll stop complaining about my day now.

Angie said...

Let's go run around town and vent just like the 'ol days. Seriously, wanna grab some dinner soon? We can have a huge bitch session. Hope things get better.

John Good said...

Check! Check, please!! ;)

Hope we run into y'all at the parade tomorrow!

trying2hide said...

that sucks!
I think we tie for the bad week bizness.

MRSA... the news is so quiet about it now.. I thought the threat had died down a bit.

In reality, I suppose it never will.

Patty said...

Well... When you put your bad day like that... It made me laugh. SORRY!

Life can really suck, then suck some more, and then something really great comes along and the past is the past until the next crap day arrives.

And still you move on. One of the things I like best about you Sheri. And remember my motto for next time, "This day too shall pass, and bedtime WILL come."