Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strep is NOT my friend . . .

I have blogged here, here , here and here about my struggles with strep. My mom, myself and McCartney are all strep-carriers. It sucks. I get everything strep related and it stays active for quite sometime in my body.

About 3 summers ago I had a horrible case of erythema nedosa which are some really painful, red and UGLY bumps that you typically get on the legs. They can be caused by many things, but caused by strep in my case. It took about 3 months, many doctor's visits, several doses of steroids, and leg ultrasounds to get rid of them. I was lumpy for a whole summer. Truly attractive let me tell ya.

I have not had many issues with strep for the past year. 2006-07 was BAD. I struggled with a reoccuring infection and with several bouts of strep throat. I have been lucky lately. Two weeks ago my luck ended. The knots are back. I have about 6 on my left leg and 2 on my right. Thankfully I have a new doctor and he doesn't dink around. I had bloodwork done and my ASO titor was off the charts which signals a massive strep infection. I am on a heavy duty dose of meds, but I am still concerned I will spend this summer as I did several years ago . . . LUMPY.

I hate strep.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. That sounds truly miserable. I did not know people were prone to Strep. I hope you are not sick for the summer too! You have too much to do! Hugs.

trying2hide said...

I had scarlina.
I know the suckage of strep.