Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Crapppp - py . . . .

I got a call from Roebrt yesterady afternoon that our power went out. I called AEP and they said the estimated time for fixing it was 4:30pm. Woohooo. Robert called me back at 5:00 and it wasn't back on. I called again and it had been changed to 5:00am. Crap! The only thing I thought about was all the food in my fridge and my chest freezer. Zoinks! Luckily the church has a generator and we powered all the essentials . . . fridge, freezer, cable and computer. Essentials.

The kids and I went to stay at Nannies since it would be getting cold, and the generator was incredibly loud. The kids got to bed late and I slept on a very uncomfortable couch, but we were warm!

The power is back up and running this morning! Yeah!

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