Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ouchy . . .

I have a wicked headache today. I woke up with it. Good morning, here have a horrible day. I hate that. I have been plagued with migraines since I was about 8 years old. I can remember going through brain scans, CT scans, tonislectomy, allergy testing and opthalmolgist appointments as a young child, trying to get to the bottom of the headaches. I recall having a bottle of Excedrin with my name on it in the principal's desk drawer that I would use almost daily. I would go down to the office, take 2 excedrin and lay in the nurse's office for an hour or so. It typically didn't go away and they would call my mom.

I struggled all through high school and college with headaches trying all different kinds of medications. Back then, the meds either made you terribly "high" or so tired you couldn't function. I hated them. One time I can rememebr trying a new medication from my doctor and "flipping out" at my best friend's house because I felt like my arms were no longer attached to my body. My friend "Toad" sat with me all night while I freaked out. (I never really did any drugs to speak of, so this was not a welcomed experience! They thought this was nice and funny and wanted to try one! LOL)

I lived with migraines. I had about 4-5 a week. Most of them included vomiting. I hated them, but learned to live with them. Three summers ago I returned to a doctor who I had to leave for insurance reasons. She asked about my headaches. I told her they were still bad. She put me on a blood pressure medication, even though my blood pressure is super, and they stopped. I mean stopped. I have only had about 10 migraines in the past 3 years. That is amazing! It has changed my life. In addition, the medication only costs me $2 a month . . . NICE. The only bad part is that now when I get a headache it's horrible because I am not used to them. That would be TODAY.

My children have also been plagued with migraines. When Harrison was about 17 months he began vomiting and saying his head had an "ouchy". Sometimes he said they were a "mommy ouchy" or a "daddy ouchy" this would tell us how severe they were. After talking to our pediatrician about it he sent us to a nerologist. He was on medication for about a year to help stop the headaches. Once I learned what his triggers were; bananas, yogurt, certain cheeses, and heat, we stopped the medication and he isdoing quite well. McCartney also became plagued with headaches about 19 months. She would vomit as well. Thankfully, her triggers are the same as Harrison's.


Laura said...

I have only had two migraines since going on my blood pressure medicine. I was getting ready to suggest it before I finished reading your post.

Patty said...

It is amazing that one person's food is another person's poison. Great job figuring out what triggers the kids ouchies!

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

I had migraines for years starting right after I had my first son in 1966. The old birth control pills were not very kind to us women back in those days. I also assumed some of it was from natural hormones.

I didn't even know I was having them until I had a really severe one and had to go to the emergency room in the late '70s (I just suffered in silence for years). I actually thought I was having a stroke because I couldn't remember my address and gave an address from when I was a child.

After I found out it was a migraine and not a stroke, I was really relieved. At least from that point, I knew what I was fighting.

If it is any consolation, mine have now ceased. As I got older and the hormones changed, I noticed the headaches becoming less frequent and then stopping in my late 40s.