Monday, April 09, 2007

Que the horror movie music . . .

Today is the day.

Today, Dustin returns to school after being off nearly 3 weeks. He returns to a modified day of only 2 hours. He returns to not being the room with other students and having a 1 or 1 para-professional (aide) all to himself. I would love to think this will work. Three months ago I would've sworn it would. Now, I am not so sure. He has had so many foul days at school and has been in such a downward spiral there that I'm not certain it will be a positive experience. I hope and pray that it is.

I'm not sure what our near future holds for Dustin. Home this weekend was pretty ugly. He was nasty and disrespectful and could not keep his hands off the other 2 kids or the animals for any length of time. The cat got the brunt of it which ended last night with a jump rope tied around his collar like a leash. He got a few scratches on his face and thigh from that stunt. He ran from me on Friday evening after pulling on the dogs tail and ran directly into the table in the kitchen. It left a wicked bruise on his upper arm. We went to my mom's on Saturday evening for an Easter dinner and we had several melt-downs and I had to apply deep-pressure a couple of times just to calm him down. I'm not certain if we are going through a medication issue or simply anticipating returning to school has thrown him for a loop.

Anyhow, I think I will be on pins and needles all day until I find out how this first day went. I know it is only the first day, but they are so close to labeling Dustin a danger that one day could get him expulsion and home-bound schooling.

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