Friday, February 02, 2007

School troubles. . .

I had a phone conference for Dustin's behavior plan today. It was not fun. His behavior is spiraling downward at school for a couple weeks. At home we are having loads of progress with the new medication. What do I think is the problem at school? His behavior is working for him. He gets the attention that he is trying to get. At home when he is behaving improperly he gets "that's enough" or a simple "stop it". At school he gets lots of information. He gets explanations and cause and effect discussion. He gets ATTENTION. He is throwing himslef on the floor if he doesn't get his way. Let him lay there. Give him direction and state the intended result and let it be. He will c omply when he is no longer getting your attention.

I am not faulting the school. They are doing what is "normal" to do. They are fabulous and trying their best to work with him and keep him in school. I truly believe they have a heart for moderately handicapped children. Dustin is a whole new ball of wax. The "normal" stuff doesn't cut it. Reasoning is wasted. It will not work for Dustin. He has them wrapped around his finger.

I feel like banging my head against the wall. I wish that I could sit in class with him for a week. Then, I could redirect and be involved. Not only showing them what to do, but giving me some authority over the situation at school would help in disciplining him at home. He is a very compartmentalized child and if I could insert myself into the school setting it would help.

I did give them one suggestion that I stole from Kari. I told them to let Dustin send us email updates about his day. I thought maybe that would encourage him behave in order to give a good report to dad in an email. They thought it was fabulous. Other than that I said I am fresh out of fresh ideas for you. I cannot control the situation you deal with. . .

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