Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Memories . . .

Harrison had to return to the pediatrician's office today. The doctor is thinking this is a virus but he is concerned that it could be a percursor to Kawasaki Syndrome which is a blood infection that affects the heart. If they determine this could be the case, he would have to go into the hospital and have some intravenous gamma globulin. They will not label it Kawasaki until he has the fever for over 5 days. We are only on day four.

When we left for the doctor's office he was running a 102 fever. While there he was actually under 98.6 degrees. About an hour later he was up to 104 again. This is going to make me crazy.

Well, since we weren;t gonna be able to go to Kentucky fro Thanksgiving, I decided that McCartney and I would go downtown and attend the annual festivities of holiday lighting. Fort Wayne has this wonderful 155 foot long Santa and sleigh that is on a downtown bank building. It has been there for as long as I remember. I can rememebr going dowtown with my parents and brother and watching them light the Santa. I can remember there being about 20 cars in the parking lot and about 50-100 people to watch the lighting. We would then travel down the block and eat at Coney Island Weiner Stand, a Fort Wayne icon.

Fast forward to today. McCartney and I headed downtown about 5:40pm to see the lighting at 6:15. Wow. People everywhere! We had to park a few blocks away and shuffle around until we got close enough for McCartney to see the Santa. We found a nice spot on the median on the road they closed off in front of the building. After about, oh I don't know, 3 minutes, she proclaims, "Mommy I have to potty." You have to be kidding me. I could not find a building that had a bathroom that was open, so we tromped back to the car and I did lots of convincing her to squat behind the van. The whole time she was saying "I have to pee in a potty!" quite loudly.

We then ran quickly back to the festivities, shuffled back through the crowd to yells from McCartney of "This is NOT our spot." Thankfully we got close enough to where we were to appease her. The Santa was lit and McCartney was thrilled. We then shuffled like a herd of cattle down the street to the lighting of the Christmas tree. By this time she was exhausted. I had her on my shoudlers when she starting getting heavier and heavier. A gentleman next to me said, "You should probably take her down she is nodding off" Apparently her head was bobbing around like and old man trying to stay awake in church. She refused to walk and my back was killing me so as I sat her down she collapsed on the ground in protest refusing to walk. Like the good mother I am, I took pictures of my child laying on the sidewalk. I knew daddy had to see this one. . .

Girls night out!

The big red guy

Before the meltdown

Fort Wayne's tradition

Oh the drama!

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John Good said...

I was gonna do this tonight with TWO. . .minus Mommy (Out with friends from work). Whew. Thanks for validating my choice to stay home! ;) We'll ALL go check out the lights on another night!