Monday, July 03, 2006

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night . . . .

I spent Saturday at my mom's house with my step-siblings and their families. We had fun and the kids had more fun. Mom said she would watch the kids so Robert and I could go to an old friend's house. Well, good 'ole "C" was throwing a "Totally 80's" party and it was kinda surreal walking into the house seeing a bunch of my old friends dressed in various states of 80's attire and hearing the same 80's songs from back then. Talk about flashback. Throw into the mix that we were in SUBURBIA and "C" had a little 2 year old spitting image of him running around and you can imagine my crazy swirl of reality.

You see "C" and I dated for quite some time and this is the guy that I caught in my garage "smokin" with my dad! "C" is the guy that you knew would never grow up and really truly hasn't even though he lives in suburbia. "C" is the guy that used to dress like Billy Idol and dyed his hair fuschia for my family reunion. Anyhoo, the little one is beautiful and I'm thrilled that he is happy he deserves it. . . but it was a picture I never thought I would see.

Oddly enough there were about 4 or 5 children there that belonged to old friends. Kinda weird seeing my old friend's likeness on little ones. Very weird. But, we had a good time. I even went to mom's to get my kids and let them play awhile. They had a good time too. It was nice to see "A" this weekend and reconnect with some long lost friends who I thought I'd never see again. It does however make me feel quite old.

By the way, Laura, you would've died laughing when I was standing with all my old "punk-rock" friends talking and my cell phone rings . . . ringtone? When the Sun Goes Down. You would've cracked up to see the look on a couple of their faces. It was priceless!

I also wanted all of you to check out my friend's art here. She is pretty amazing, and a Fort Wayne native who is now out of Indianapolis. It was nice to see her this weekend as well.

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