Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It 's only a potion. . .

My adoptive son with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome yesterday made a "cocktail" to drink. he found 3 bottle of medicine that I mistakenly (stupidly) left out in my bedroom after treating Harrison's bout with Scarlet Fever. He took the bottle of liquid Tylenol, liquid Ibuprofen, and generic Psuedophed and dumped them into a bottle of water. There was evidence of the concoction all the way down the hall as he was apparently pouring it as he walked to the bathroom. Ususally I lock all the medicine up, however, we have been locking all the doors upstairs so I felt comfortable leaving it out in my room. Poor decision as he found the key and unlocked all the upstairs doors. Impulsivity at his finest then helped him "decide" to make a cocktail. When I found the sticky bottle I asked what had been in it. After repeating the questions 5 times I finally got a response. . . "I made a potion, It's only a potion." No more Harry Potter movies . . . LOL

Not only did I loose about $15.00 worth of medicine, but I have no idea how much he drank. Apparently enough because he didn't sleep at all Sunday night and Monday at school he was quite difficult. Pseudophed and FAS . . . NOT a good combo.

Sometime if I don't laugh, I will simply cry!

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FAScinated said...

Oh my goodness. Potions, kids on the is crazy with FASD! We're in this together if that is any help! ~Kari