Monday, March 06, 2006

Good memories . . .

I've blogged before about how I have these very poignant memories. I can remember sounds, what I was wearing, thoughts and even smells when I remember certain things from my past. I think that may be why I have this unusual attachment to things. Every once in a while I latch onto something and I have a hard time letting it go. I am not a pack rat. I like to be organized more. I used to be more of a pack rat in the time I refer to as B.M. - before medication.

Last night I panicked. You see, there was this little bulletin board attached to our old desk. On that bulletin board I had a small Hello Kitty thumbtack. That thumbtack was a Christmas stocking stuffer from about 1980. I was given as set of several different colors and I have one left. I don't think I ever made a conscious decision to keep it, but it kinda followed me as I moved throughout the years and I have thus become attached to it.

Anyway, back to last night. . . I realized that as we broke apart the desk to take it out for the trash pick up that I never took that thumbtack off the bulletin board. I made my dear sweet husband go and retrieve it from the rubble at about 11:30 last night. He no longer looks at me strangely. He simply does what I ask because he knows weird things are important to me. What a great guy!

Today I took a picture of the thumbtack, so if I misplace it I have a memory. Weird huh?

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John Good said...

Our memories are special to us. Not wierd at all; or I'M just as wierd as you. . .or at least as much of a packrat. It's amazing the significance that we attach to the most trivial things. I guess it's just a "trigger" effect; we look at/handle/remember an object to pull ourselves into what it represents.