Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Respect . . .

Respect . . . working with children for the last 15 years, I have taught about and tried to instill respect in hundreds, if not thousands, of children. I think it is truly important for children to learn to embrace diversity and differences in order to be productive and compassionate human beings.

That being said, I believe that respecting others opinions are paramount to having a well-rounded and healthy outlook on life. It is perfectly fine to disagree with others, that is what opinions are all about, but one must respect that the other "party" (not politically speaking) has to same right as you to hold their opinion. You don't have to agree with it, you simply must respect them for having it.

Once again ( seems to be a common thing lately, I told you it was my new favorite), I will post a small section of Mitch Harper's blog :

What we need is more civility, cordiality and respect. It is entirely possible for persons having widely divergent viewpoints to argue vigorously but to be civil.

It is even possible for such folks to enjoy each others' company.

Nicely said!

And by the way
Mitch . . .

We make the assumption that Left of Centrist is her favorite old blog because it is written by her favorite old blogger.

While I enjoy my husbands blog, I enjoyed
FWO because of the local news-briefs and the local media information. . . in quick snip-its becuase I am also antsy. I usually don't get too caught up in political blogging. It is interesting and informative, and I enjoy seeing both sides, however I am nosey . . . so I enjoy reading about personal experiences and the like.

However, I must say I do enjoy
LOC, the hubby's blog, becuase I see his intended humor and satire. I see his fire and his heart. . . probably the same thing that angers some. I also enjoy seeing Robert having the outlet to make his beliefs known. I think he is a fabulous writer and explains his viewpoint nicely.

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