Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pooped . . .

Man, I am pooped. My son is in the hospital again. It takes a toll on me emotionally. He is doing better . . . he's been there about a week. He was only home for 13 days before we returned him. ( We didn't need a receipt since it wasn't over 30 days . . . LOL) Medications are so fickle . . . they work for a while, the body adjusts to them and they go downhill fast. I am *SO* thankful to his psychiatrist. He is committed to "fixing" Dustin as much as possible. The hospital is awesome . . . they are VERY supportive and encouraging. I felt as though we had failed returning him so soon, I was actually embarassed to see some of the staff. They encouraged me that it was not my parenting skills that landed Dustin there, that he had some faulty brain chemistry. I know that, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded of that. My mom always says, "his brain is broken" and it's true!

Anyhoo . . .tonight I had a nice visit with Dustin. I brought McCartney who is 2. She was great. Dustin did not argue with me, ask me to leave so he could play, or get all antsy. Something is working! It wasn't perfect, but it was better. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome sure is tricky, tomorrow could be quite different. We pray for as many good days, or moments, that we can get.

On a bright note, McCartney is potty training. (Thank you one4jc) She is doing quiote well. She might actually be trained before Harrison. . . that's plain crazy!

I'm off to watch the "State of the Union" address . . . she says through gritted teeth. I'm not very political on here because my husband fulfills that role quite nicely, however, anyone who knows me knows I and *not* a fan of Dubya. My brother in-law asked my mom the other day, "how'd Sheri get so liberal?" My mom said, "Well, her dad was a union president" When mom told me that I had to laugh. I have a picture around somewhere of my dad with Evan Bayh. . . a man I would wholeheartedly endorse for president.

See ya . . .


Laura said...

Sheri, you are doing a great job with Dustin. Chin up, lady. BIG prayers going out to y'all that he'll get better soon.

Secondly, I am a child of the UAW through-and-through. And Evan for President? I am TOTALLY on-board with that!!!!

one4JC said...

LOL you are welcome for the potty training thing! I wish they all were as easy as Fartney!

Anonymous said...

"We didn't need a receipt since it wasn't over 30 days..."

Now that's priceless.

In the midsts of everything, it's always best to take a step back and have a good laugh. It's good for the soul.