Monday, October 17, 2005

It attacked me . . .

Yesterday I decided that we should take down our gazebo in the backyard for the season. It made me sad becuase we enjoy the yard so much during the summer. When I took it down I realized that our only shade tree that hangs over the gazebo was quite overgrown and needed a good trimming. I got out my trusty ladder leaned it against the tree and began to saw off branches. When done, I looked at the yard, and . . . crap . . . now I have to dispose of all these limbs covering my backyard. I had to cut them down to a respectable size and bundle them. You should see my hands today. It looks like I was in a prize fight. I am convinced that the tree attacked me for cutting it's brnaches. Well . . . that and a good dose of klutziness.

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